Sfx - Swedish for professionals 

Do you have professional qualifications from another country? Do you want to learn Swedish quickly, validate your skills and start working? 

Sfx - Swedish for professionals – consists of several different courses focusing on professional Swedish language, related to specific areas of work.

The goal is to shorten the path through the educational system, and the time it takes before you can start working in your profession or start your own businesses in Sweden. 

If possible we offer our students work practise and a chance to complete your education in college or high school.

The Sfx courses start from different Swedish levels. Both Sfi (Swedish for immigrants) and Sva (primary and secondary Swedish) are included in the courses. Today there are nine courses for different professions, but more are underway. The courses are free for students and paid by the home municipality.

The same rules apply for getting financial aid and loans from CSN as for regular courses in Sfi and Sva.